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Re: A4q 2.8 automatic mileage

We now have 7k on our 96 A4q 2.8 slushbox and I am somewhat concerned 
about the mileage we appear to be getting on the car. We average 14 mpg 
in mixed highway/city driving (about 70% city 30% highway). You can see 
the darn gas gauge going down on a longish drive. My Supra Turbo gets 
17mpg mixed and thats on a goodly amount of "boosted" driving!!

It will be going in for its 1 yr service in September and I would like 
to get some input from other A4 owners before I take it in.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Phil C.
96 A4q 2.8 slushbox (its the wifes but I love it)
88 Supra Turbo 5spd w.mods (300+ hp) and 17mpg!!!