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Re: Normally aspirated 5kq

In a message dated 97-07-24 13:14:49 EDT, smarks@ns.net writes:

 >And you have the much-sought-after 4.11 final drive set-up.
 Tell me a little more about the "4.11 final drive set-up."
 Thank you.

Much-sought-after is relative, to begin with.  Basically, it allows the car
to accelerate quicker with less horsepower.  I believe the "newer" 5ktq and
200tq have 3.73 final drives?  So, all other things being equal (though they
never are), the 4.11 gear set (also used in the '90 V8Q auto and '91 V8Q
5-speed, incidentally) allow the quattro's gears to spool up roughly 10%
quicker.  These cars additionally have different transmission ratios,
however.  It should also be noted that the switch to a 4.11 setup involves
replacing the rear diff and front transaxles/transmission, I believe.  

On the Plus side:  Quicker acceleration for the track 
Drawbacks:  Top speed suffers, higher engine revs for highway driving.

Those looking for quicker times in their turbo cars would find more bang from
the buck (or Pound) with chip/spring/exhaust/intercooler/ and turbo upgrades
before trying out this mod.


-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 178.5k