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Re: Normally aspirated 5kq

Hey Chris:

>Hello Steve,
>        I have the 4.11 final drive on my 1990 80q, and I'm not too thrilled.
>Sounds like I am the minority.  This car is pretty low on power (~130hp) for a

...especially with the A/C on at the low end.  Otherwise it does not bother
me much.  This configuration must be better on your 80 than my car.

> What kind of driving do you do?  What kind of car did you say you had?
> If you'd like, I can try to research the horsepower and torque peaks at
>various rpms, and max speed in various gears with this set up.

I have a 5000Sq with 117k.  I bought the the car in late 92 w/ 42k from the
original owner.  Do not usually keep a car this long (the dreaded illness),
but I can't give this one up.  The car is rock solid.  The guy that
services the car wants to buy it.  He has now limited his shop to BMW and
Porsche, but continues to work on my car.  He's keeping track of it because
he wants to buy it for his Dad.  Great guy.

The Audi is basically the daily driver and family vacation/trip car.
Although I very much enjoy spirited driving, I save that for an 84 928S
(53k and perfect) that I have tucked away in the 3rd stall.

With some real nice Bridgestone Turanza tires (215's), I still enjoy
accelerating the Audi through a turn, but, as you know, this is a big car.

I know I have the 2.3L 130HP engine as well, but I am always interested in
the more technical information that you referrenced.

Thanks a lot for the information Chris.  I appreciate your time and mail.
Any openings at Oracle?

Best regards,