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Re: Stop the burning

> From:          DeWitt Harrison <de@aztek-eng.com>

On my way home last night, the radiator cooling fan in the wagon froze-up, 
> >shorted-out and caused the engine to overheat. .  With things under control, an initial assess-
> >ment is that the wiring harness controlling the fan, ballast resistor,
> >etc had fused itself to the frame.  I can't believe there isn't any 
> >protection for that circuit!!! 

> If any of you are presently in denial about that noisy fan motor, now may
> be a prudent time to make a suitable offering.
> DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq

      Sorry to hear your brothers  bad news Dewitt.  I can definitely relate to this 
problem as my moms '86 5000 Turbo had the exact same thing happen. $1400 later everything 
finally worked again.  So as I've always warned those of you out there, just as Dewitt 
has warned you too, if your radiator fan motor is loud-as in bearing noise-it would be a 
wise move to get a rebuilt unit preferably with a sealed bearing in it. Mountain 
Automotive products here in CO sell these units with exchange for ~$150. The wisest $150 you'll 
spend on these cars. Also, There is an Audi part number for an inline fuse for these 
motors with 80 amps fuse-GET THIS TOO! I think Audi got a clue and put these fuses on the 
'89 and later 200 Q's to prevent this disaster from happening again. It's a very simple 
install also. While your in there, might as well get that S4/S6 cooling blade as the 
whole thing will be apart anyway. HTH,

Chad Clark '87 5 Tq- sealed bearing, inline fuse and S4 cooling fan.