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Re: Stop the burning

At 02:09 PM 7/26/97 -0700, you wrote:
>After hearing all this talk about torching Audi Gods, I'm getting worried.
>My 5000T seems to have a normal-sounding fan now, I suppose I'll replace
>it at some time in the not-too distant future. But really, we're all
>pretty astute at tricking the Audi Gods, aren't we? What would be the best
>way to fuse that fan? I'm thinking along the lines of that giant Rockford
>Fosgate fuse I have connected to the battery for the tri-amp audio set-up
>I installed- another one on the hot lead for the fan perhaps? Any other,
>perhaps more elegant, solutions out there?

Any Pep Boys/Discount Auto/Chief, etc - 70/80/100 amp lugged fusible links
are about $3.00 each. Pretty cheap insurance...

'cause I couldn't find 8 guage lugs on short notice (leaving on a trip
tomorrow), my interim solution is as follows:

Lugged, crimped and soldered double 10 guage primary wire direct from
alternator to a second Bosch 70A relay - blades drilled for lugs. Original
feed (70A relay from under dash) will serve as control for the second relay.
Simple, quick, and original wiring is not changed in any way. The original
circuit is unloaded and no longer a fire hazard. Fusible link can be added
at either end of the alternator run.  For those desiring no possibility of
voltage drop, 4 or 2 guage battery cable would work, although I'm partial to
welding cable (which also makes the best  jumper cables in the world).

According to the fiche, the 3 stage fans run 500 watts (high speed) - simple
radcon math on 12V (loaded alternator) gives over 41 full load amps - pretty
darned heavy on a 90A alternator considering the AC fan load, all the FI
controls, etc, etc...

Anyone consider trying to slap in a GM alternator? - I know 135A models are
readily avail from Jegs, etc...

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