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RE: All Audi seats/tracks

The seats in my 1990 CQ are electric, every which way. Seat cushion goes
up and down in the front, up and down in the rear, independently,
allowing varied rake of the cushion, the seatback reclines electrically,
and it moves forward and back electrically. I'm considering replacing
them when I win the lottery (gotta start buying tickets to the "tax for
those who can't do math" lottery), because I'm convinced they weigh a
ton, and they are high enough at their lowest setting that headroom is
insufficient. Plus they are heated. And no, my electrical system isn't
complaining about them, yet.
-Ian Duff.
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	Sent:	Friday, 25 July 1997 1:52 AM
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	Subject:	All Audi seats/tracks

	 Hello q-heads,

	          As I'm trying to find replacement seats for the 5000
Tq, I've noticed that most 
	seats from most models look as if they're roughly the same size
and track width as mine. 
	The cars in particular are the V8 seats, 200 Tq and Coupe
Quattro seats. Does anyone out 
	there know for sure that seats from say a Coupe Quattro would
fit right into the tracks 
	of my 5000 Tq? How about V8 seats? Anyone done this swap into a
5k? I know that the Coupe 
	Quattro seats are not electric-or am I wrong? I don't mind
manually moving the seat fore 
	and aft as long as they're SPORT SEATS. I know how to remove the
seats, just don't have
	a donor car to take them from.  Any help would be great. TIA,

	Chad Clark '87 5 Tq 
	P.S. Sorry Avi, wish yours were heated!