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Re: All Audi seats/tracks

Sherry & Chuck Clark wrote:
>  Hello q-heads,
>           As I'm trying to find replacement seats for the 5000 Tq, I've noticed that most
> seats from most models look as if they're roughly the same size and track width as mine.
> The cars in particular are the V8 seats, 200 Tq and Coupe Quattro seats. Does anyone out
> there know for sure that seats from say a Coupe Quattro would fit right into the tracks
> of my 5000 Tq? How about V8 seats? Anyone done this swap into a 5k? I know that the Coupe
> Quattro seats are not electric-or am I wrong? I don't mind manually moving the seat fore
> and aft as long as they're SPORT SEATS. I know how to remove the seats, just don't have
> a donor car to take them from.

Hi, Chad. I wish I had such an excuse to install a pair of light weight and hedonistically 
comfortable reclinable sport seats (OMP, Recaro or even a Corbeau).

BTW, I'll be doing this on my soon to arrive '97 A4TQ, which means that soon I'll have a pair of 
brand_new Audi seats for sale, in black velour. Would you be interested if the fitment is the same?
I have a 200 to try them in.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA