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Re: Valentine/WSP (low Audi content)

>>Fringe Ryder wrote:
>> 4) The V1 rear laser detection does work, but this isn't going to do you one
>> whit (whatever a whit is) of good.  You're sunk if it goes off.
>That's precisely why I elected to buy my V1 without the laser option.
>I remember posting this a year ago,but the vast majority of the listers did not>agree at that time. Fringe's post is a sad proof of my words.The coherent laser>beam is precise, accurate,has a very narrow volumetric angle of propagation and>does not scatter. That's what makes it deadly. Sure, you can sense it by a 
>photodiod, but the moment you've senced it you are history. I
>remember reading on the list that laser-based citations do not hold up in court>too well.Perhaps the legal crowd on the list can shed some light on this issue.
Igor Kessel

Check out Car and Driver's article on the subject, this month's issue I believe.
I have the laser option on my valentine, for 2 reasons: 1)I want to know exactly
at what angle the officer was shooting when he bagged me, for use in court later
on, and 2) I use the detector on my bike, and there is more chance of a quick
weave to throw off the aim of the laser gun.

I've found the best way to avoid laser tickets is to pay attention. The cops
tend to wait until you're almost right on top of them before triggering it,
unlike radar, so you have a good chance of slowing down if you're looking for

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