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RE: Valentine/WSP (low Audi content)

There was a pretty good article in Crap & Drivel about precedent-setting
court cases, particularly regarding laser. The arguments put forth by
the defense were pretty interesting, take a peek, get a lawyer.
-Ian Duff.
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	Fringe Ryder wrote:

	> 4) The V1 rear laser detection does work, but this isn't going
to do you one
	> whit (whatever a whit is) of good.  You're sunk if it goes

	That's precisely why I elected to buy my V1 without the laser
	I remember posting this a year ago, but the vast majority of the
listers did not 
	agree at that time. Fringe's post is a sad proof of my words.
The coherent laser 
	beam is precise, accurate, has a very narrow volumetric angle of
propagation and 
	does not scatter. That's what makes it deadly. Sure, you can
sense it by a 
	photodiod, but the moment you've senced it you are history.

	Sorry to hear your story , Fringe. Get a good laweyer and fight
those points.
	I remember reading on the list that laser-based citations do not
hold up in court 
	too well. Perhaps the legal crowd on the list can shed some
light on this issue.


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