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RE: My new '97 A4 TQ is here!

Igor, this list suffers thru lots of non-Audi drivel, glad to read about
someone nearly needing new shorts because of an Audi experience. This
post was not background noise, more like those 8" boomers going off over
the Esplanade in Boston on the 4th of July! Thanks for sharing it with
us, and have a safe and speedy trip!
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Igor Kessel [SMTP:e6941tb@ix.netcom.com]
	Subject:	My new '97 A4 TQ is here!

	Hello, virtual club!

	This morning I received a call from Don Rosen Porsche-Audi,
breaking the
	news to me. I think I took the quickest shower in my life and
within minutes I
	and my better half (and the future driver of the said car) were
hurrying on a
	date with a new family member.

	It was sitting on the lot, very new, very Pearl and 100%
quattro! All plastered
	with white plastic, beautiful!


	I let the wife do the honors and open the car and start it up.
	Jeez, what a sweet piece of hardware! And this intoxicating
scent of a new car!
	Beats any designer parfum, if you ask me. Excuse my being so
excited. The last
	time I experienced this was when I bought my last new Lada in
1986. And this is
	my first new Audi.

	<<more snippage>>

	Thanks for listening to this non-technical, non-useful childish
drivel of mine.