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Re: aftermarket chips, THE PROVEN TRUTH!

In a message dated 97-07-28 15:06:50 EDT, you write:

<< re these chips that increase the horsepower worth spending the 
 money on them? what else would be recommended to increase the 
 performance (i.e. air filter, etc.)
 thanks, trey

Well, I would seem to be the local expert on this, as I just returned from
the dyno at HMS with loads of information.  There were 3 chipped VR6's on the
dyno.  One had a Techtonics chip, one a Neuspeed and one an Autothority (I
believe!).   All the GTi's had minimal mods, and all were pretty fast!  All
also showed about 172 up hp at the front wheels.  (stock is 172, at the
crank) with a 14 hp loss in the drivetrain, these cars were all putting out
close to 190 hp, with minor mods.  The chips also eliminated the rev limiter,
althought the VR6 doesn't develop a lot of power above 6500 due to lack of
valves (I would think...) Not too shabby.  It worked on them, it will
probably work for you.  

Carter J