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VW & Audi News

PASSAT - Launchdate September, This car will have a 3 inch longer wheelbase
than the Audi A4 and be one inch wider and taller than the current P. All
wheel drive will be offered as Syncro, but is actually rebadged Quattro
torsen system. First only front wheel drive will be offered with the 150 hp
1.8liter 20V Turbo 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed manual or Porsche
Tiptronic 5 speed automatic. Six months later (March) the 193bhp 30V V6 and
110bhp 1.9L TDI will be available, followed by the wagon variant and all
wheel drive. The tiptronic will be offered as an option on all gasoline
engined models, and the diesel will be offered with an optional 4speed
automatic. The P will also have depowered front and side airbags.
	Preliminary base prices are as follows, though will be offiicially
announced pre the Sept launch(Autoweek).
	1.8T		$20,750
	V6 GLX 	$26,200
	Tiptronic option	$1,075
	Syncro		$1,600

BEETLE - To be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and pricing should be
announced in the $18-$22,000 Dollar range (Autoweek). To be onsale the
Spring of '98. Two engines available in the US will be a 2.0 liter 8V unit
and a TDI. Eventually a power beetle will be offered with a 200bhp 2.9L VR6
and Syncro all wheel drive. 100,000 will be built the first year and over
half are earmarked for the US market (Automobile).

CJ CORRADO REPLACEMENT - To go onsale in the spring of 1999. It will be
assembled in Puebla Mexico. Unlike the showcar it will have a redesigned
nose and lower roofline. Engines of choice should be the VR6, VR5 and
possibly a TDI. Initially 5speed manual and 4 speed auto will be available
trannys, later a 5speed auto will be available with the VR6 and a
continuous variable tranny will be available on the others. It may also be
used as a base for the next generation Cabrio (Automobile).

GOLF- Likely will go on sale in the US in the fall of 1998, although the
Jetta may precede the Golf. The 2.0 Liter 4cyl, 2.8L VR6 and TDI engine
ranges should be maintained (Automobile).

AUDI TT & TTS - Two 1.8 Liter 20V engines should be availale. The first is
150bhp and the second 210bhp. At this point the only available tranny is 5
speed manual (Cool). A continuously variable automatic should eventually be
available. The higher powered engine will be available with Quattro (Syncro
system actually) all wheel drive. The coupe should be available in the US
in early '99 with the TTS Coupe being available later that year with 210 hp
and quattro. The roadster will not arrive until the fall of 2000