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Re: Valentine/WSP (low Audi content)

At 12:16 AM 7/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>	I believe there was a fairly good article on how to beat a laser
>ticket in Car & Driver, I'm not sure of the month, probably around May 97
>or so.
>	I didn't read the article myself, but a friend of mine gave me
>some details.  I beleive the case was in NJ.  The defendant called in some
>NASA experts to refute the accuracy of the laser and won the case.  This
>case can surely be cited in any state, but you'll have to look up the
>actual case, and Car & Driver isn't the sort of mag that would likely list
>a cite.
>	But a little research could certainly unearth it.

I was aware of this case before I went to court in Maryland to fight a
laser ticket I received.  My lawyer told me that laser was determined
accurate in the highest court in Maryland and that the NJ case has no
bearing in a Maryland court.  Meaning...I'd have to take the case all the
way up to the highest state court in Maryland to have laser over-ruled.  So
the NJ case only points out that it can be beat.  It's up to someone who's
wealthy to beat it!

Josh Pinkert