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Re: Valentine/WSP (low Audi content)

On Jul 27,  3:41pm, Igor Kessel wrote:
> Subject: Re: Valentine/WSP (low Audi content)
> Fringe Ryder wrote:
> > 4) The V1 rear laser detection does work, but this isn't going to do you one
> > whit (whatever a whit is) of good.  You're sunk if it goes off.
> That's precisely why I elected to buy my V1 without the laser option.
> I remember posting this a year ago, but the vast majority of the listers did not 
> agree at that time. Fringe's post is a sad proof of my words.

It's nothing of the sort, Igor.  It's proof that it was useless
to him in this particular case.  It doesn't prove that having
laser detection has no merit.  Drive at 80 on an empty highway
with a trooper hiding out with instant-on radar, and you're just
about every bit as hosed as if it had been laser.  Doesn't mean
that radar detection is useless.

> The coherent laser beam is precise, accurate, has a 
> very narrow volumetric angle of propagation 

"narrow volumetric angle of propagation"???

> and does not scatter. That's what makes it deadly. Sure, you can sense it by a 
> photodiod, but the moment you've senced it you are history.

It can and does reflect.  Not the same as radar, of course, but
I'm convinced that having detection gives you some measure of
safety, in addition to providing you with possibly-valuable
after-the-fact information.

Heck, if the rear-facing laser detector goes off because of
a trooper shooting from a standstill a quarter-mile behind
you, well...   nah.
> Sorry to hear your story , Fringe.

Goes double here.  Contact the NMA, they might have info to
help you.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q, V1 w/ laser