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Re:Tires hitting wheel well in 4kq

> Hey, I have 15" rims on my 4k, sometimes during cornering or going >overlarge bumps i'll hear a harsh sqeak or a kind of clunking, has >anyone else had this problem (looks like i'm gonna have to get stiffer >springs eh?)  Thanx, Jason.

About two months ago I put 15 x 7 TSW Evo's on my car.  They have an
offset of 35mm and they rubbed with 205/50-15 tires on.  Last week I
changed to 195/50-15's and they do not rub at all.  I spent last Sat.
running around Seattle International Raceway with no problem what so

Although I have heard of some people being able to put 205/50-15's on
with no problem.  With the loose tolerances in the automotive industry
you are going to find people who can run bigger tires than others.

See ya,
Sean U