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Re: Tires hitting wheel well in 4kq

I had the same experience on my Coupe.  TSW Evo's, 205-50-15's and in the
rear they rubbed the inside lip of the rearmost curve of the fender lip. 
I too changed to 195-50's.  I am however about to go back to 205's.  I
had a 1/2" spacer fabricated which slides over the rear shock tube and
props the bottom spring seat up by 1/2".  So far so good with the stock
wheels/tires.  It looked like it was sagging in the rear anyway.  Now it
sits like it should (at least to my eye; equal space between tire top and
fender lip on both front and back).  Will see if the extra 1/2" is enough
to eliminate the rub.  Will also be replacing shocks soon, so firmer
control should help too.  At that point I'm willing to do some body work
if there's anymore rubbing.

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997 14:59:07 -0700 Sean Upchurch <upchurch@cdicadwa.com>
>About two months ago I put 15 x 7 TSW Evo's on my car.  They have an
>offset of 35mm and they rubbed with 205/50-15 tires on.  Last week I
changed >to 195/50-15's and they do not rub at all.  I spent last Sat.
running around >Seattle International Raceway with no problem what so