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Buying CQ


The price is HIGH.  My brother recently bought a '91 CQ 'cause I wouldn't
sell him mine...;^)  It has only 43K on the clock and he bought it for 15K,
a bit on the same high price side as the car you are looking at.  It is a
one owner car and in great shape.  The dealer WILL deal with you on two
conditions 1)  He/She likes your sparkling personality or 2)  He/She
believes that you will pass on the car if it is out of your "range".  Since
the first option never seems to happen in the real world, you need to use
option 2.  The dealer has to believe that you will walk away from a deal
UNLESS you get your price.  The price has to be fair to the both of you, but
it can be less than what is asked.  You probably know these things already,
but never hurts to reiterate them.

Now about the price of the car.  People as a rule only feel they paid too
much if the item they get does not live up to their expectations based on
price.  If you are in love with the car then the price will not be an issue.
You'll just shrug it off.  

I know from personal experience that the CQ is a great car.  Not exactly as
entertaining to drive as the P-car, but it has strengths that put the S2 to
shame.  On longer drives the car cannot be beat,  has A/C that will frost
your toes (A/C in the P-car is noexistant, quite an inconvienance during the
recent 90 deg. with high humidity weather) and has an interior that is
truely faultless save for the ugly GM sourced climate control.  I believe
that unless the car was totally ragged out, you really can't find a much
better daily driver.  I use the P-car as my daily driver as the CQ is my
fiancee's.  But in driving my brother's CQ for the pasdt day or two, I've
really begun to miss having the CQ.

I hope this helps you come to a decision.

Riff out.

Raphael Avila				Product Engineer
riff77@pipeline.com				Hasbro Toy Group
					Cincinnati, OH.

		'90 944S2 Coupe Silver/Burgundy
		'90 Coupe Quattro 20V  Black/Black