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Top 15 cool things about having a car that goes faster than the speed of light!

This I found in the last issue of BMW Roundel (a great publication btw),
I hope you enjoy!

Top 15 cool things about a car that goes faster than the speed of light!

15. Sleep till noon, still get to work by 8am!
14. Breaking laws of physics only a misdemeanor in most states.
13. Never in car long enough to hear an entire Boyz II Men song (thank
12. Steven Hawking keeps bugging you to carpool.
11. Lunch breaks in Paris, circa 1792.
10. LA to Vegas in two nanoseconds!
9.   That deer in your headlights is actually behind you.
8.   Kid from Mentos commercial almost garunteed to loose a limb if he
tries to duck through the back seat.
7.   Traffic enforcement limited to cops with PhD's in Quantum Physics.
6.   Bugs never see you comming.
5.   You can get the good hookers before Charlie Sheen.
4.   Can make a fortune delivering pizza with the slogan "It's there
before you order or it's free!"
3.   Car makes it from Hollywood to London fast enough not to arouse
suspicions of Elizabeth Hurley.
2.   License plate reads "E=MC2"
1.   Chicks dig it!