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RE: Non-Audi Five Cylinder Engines, Honda!

I cant agree more with Brendan.  At Pikes Peak an electric truck raced and, well, to put it bluntly, he was flat out flying.  That think moved like a banshee.  But it had this ghostly quietness to it.  I respect electric cars quite a bit.  THey make max. torque and HP from 0 to redline and are not affected by altitude.  And they are clean.  REally, the perfect engine for a car.  That is one hell of a flat torque curve.  No problem on a race corse keeping in the power band.  And as a bonus they are good for the enviornment.  Now we just need time for them to mature so people like me that frequently drive 100 miles a day or more can drive one and we need to get those prices down.  

	84' 4kq

I remember a certain innovation called the electric car,
>some moron thought that one up.  What the hell is the point of having a car
>if it can only go 100 miles??  Ahhh!  
>Next up, disposible cars.  I'm sure Honda will "invent" that one from some
>one else's idea.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you here.  Electronic cars (in general;
there have been some exceptionally designed electric cars with impressive
acceleration figures) may not be what most of us are "used" to or want
right now, but the idea is hardly moronic.  Just as fossil fuel driven cars
were rather crude and limited in their abilities in the early days, so it
was with electric cars.  As technology improves, as with gas powered
vehicles, electric powered vehicles will become more and more appealing.
No more going to gas stations, no more fowl emissions choking major cities
literally to death, etc...  Electric cars may not completely replace gas
cars in our lifetime, but they already have a growing presence, and I think
anyone who considers them to be a moronic idea...  well, I don't want this
to get personal, so let's just say I disagree ;)