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Aftermarket alarm w/keyless just installed

    I just installed a new alarm w/ keyless entry into my V8q.  Several of
you wanted to know how it went so. . .
   It was fairly easy, if you have any electrical knowledge at all very
little required.
   The alarm was $135 total cost  from autoloc (www.autoloc.com)  and tell
them you herd about them from Justin Hall (me).  
   The unit came with keyless entry (much easier than I expected cut a wire
and attach 1 end to this wire and the other to another wire), ignition kill
(I chose to kill the fuel pump for multiple reasons), 6 tone siren, shock
sensor, door/hood/trunk protection using existing pins,  status led, parking
light interface, 2 code jumping remotes, and more.
  Installation was time consuming, but only because I had to look up where
factory wire were in bently but I am more than willing to E-mail detailed
instruction includind wires & colors, and where they can be easily accessed.
 Most of the wires just need to be tapped into (easy using crimp splices from
Radio Shack or Walmart.)

So if anyone is interested ask and I'll send wire colors and places and
answer qustions.

P.M. Hall   Justin Hall   (P.M. owns the cars, I take care of them and
participate on the list)

'86 5000S
'90 V8q  with keyless and great alarm
'87 944s