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Re: Why They Should Have Built the Avus

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Elliott Potter wrote:

>>Reality check.  Even when Audi toyed with the idea of building the AVUS, it
>>was with a $1,000,000 price tag.  Pretty small market.

>Yea, but didn't that price tag include the W12 engine?  If they put in
>the V8 then the cost would come down, wouldn't it?

I imagine there's considerable sum of $$$ in the aluminum body/chassis.
Although Avus may be rediculous/over-kill back then, it may be viable
today. Just look at the attempts by Porsche and MB for the 24-hour Le Mans
racing. It may just be the ticket for Audi to revive the Avus if there's
enough interest (i.e. advance deposits). If Audi announces the plan to
race in Le Mans and shows a revised (proper for Le Mans racing) Avus in
the next whatever car show, it may just take off...

But if that indeed happens, you'll still be stuck with $900,000 Avus --
which I assume is out of range for most of us. By the way, ain't the press
have always said the A8 is the image car Audi sells at a loss?

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