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I feel like the evil Dr. No with this topic...
Finally our do-gooder underlings at Audi have raised the gauntlet. 
We may now use our powers as VAG supreme rulers to take over the
world of AWD cars...ha-ha-heee=hagh.
History repeats itself folks...VW/Audi/Porsche work to develop
quattro awd.  Audi releases urQ.  Yeah.  Audi releases more models.
Yeah. VW decides to follow because surely this is the future of
automobila.  Golf/Rabbit (still swearing by this one...) Syncro,
Quantum/Passat Syncro, Vanagon Syncro (different system), Golf
Rallye.  SALES STINK.  Customers: why should we pay this kind of
money for a VW? (Qtm Syncro MSRP '86 $18k).  VW AWD goes away (in
RE:  SAME PLATFORMS:  This makes absolutely perfect sense.  It allows
VAG much greater uniformity and efficiency in manufacture.  BUT, this
also helps to greatly lower retooling, etc.. costs on the plant side.
 Why are base prices of the new Passat to rise to 21K(1.8t) &
27k(2.8)??? This ticks me off more than anything else they could do. 
I completely agree that VW and Audi are waaaayyy too close for the new
model lines.
RE:  Audi Four rings?  I'm beginning to think that these are just
there to be added to the selling prices ;-)  A4tqm for 30000?  I rest
my case ;-(

Derek D
86 Qtm Syncro