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Re: Quantum Synchro FS, SF Bay Area -Reply -Reply

Hows it look?
Sounds pretty funny...just talked to the guy & he had to pick up the
other line a few times already ;-) so I think your post drew some
"Well Maintained"
-  Might need exhaust manifold
-  Seat is broken
-  Windshield cracked
-  Rear Wiper NF
-  May pass smog
-  No High beams
-  Odom disconnected
-  3/4 tires are newer
-  Actual mileage ~160k
-  Newer clutch
-  Newer radiator
-  Paint ok for 11 yr old car
Asking 1050.00, BUT that includes maintenance coupon book.
Derek out
86 VW Qtm Syncro

(Someone's gonna get a great fixer-upper)
Hell, if I didn't think it was wrong I'd buy it for parts for mine.
P.S.  Mike, how many Qlisters could fit on your boat?