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CQ Worth it? (vsother Qs?)

I've heard enough panning of the Syncro and am attempting to add a
"real Quattro" to the stable.
Now looking at '91 Model cars (CQ, tqw, 90csq) mainly for price
Always wanted a Q coupe (urQ&CQ) and it now appears possible (i.e.
wife could go for it)
I'm a little concerned about performance and reliability of the
CQ's...(only because they seem to be discussed here less
frequently....a good sign?)..can some of you set me straight.
1)  Typical worn parts?
2)  Things to look out for?
3)  Upgrade-ability (what would the chip do to the NA 2.3l?)
4)  Anyone replace that Climate control face?
5)  Original Sticker $$?
6)  What do you love about the CQ?

Too often we may hear about the negs, can someone throw me the
positives as well?
Looking to be pumped up more about this ;-)

Derek D
86 VW Qtm Syncro
Looking for a Q ;-)