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Re: Speaking of Audi keys

In a message dated 97-08-06 17:58:38 EDT, lynn@dvcorp.com (Lynn Smith)

<< Anyone else have trouble finding a replacement bulb for the lighted key
 Radio Shack has 2.4v and 6v "microlamps", but the battery appears to be
1.5v. >>

Can't help you with the bulb, but the battery was a nice little serendipity.
 I was at Builder's Square recently to make my monthly donation.  At the
check-out line, my daughter spotted a keychain with a little Coleman lantern
attached (doll house size; 2" tall).  Cool, the lantern actually lights when
you twist its base.  It even came with a spare battery.  Which, of course, is
the button cell that the current Audi key uses.  Total cost: $1.99. Result -
one happy daughter (momentary condition) and a spare battery for the key.