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V8 transmission problems

I recently had my automatic transmission in my 90V8 rebuilt at 90K.  The
whole thing was disassembled, cleaned and many new parts installed at a
cost of approximately 3500.00 USD.  The performance is certainly better
(and quieter) but hard shifting continue to be a problem in low gears. I
occassionally feel like I have been rear ended when it goes into second
gear!  I have taken it back to the shop and had it tested and was
informed that fluid pressures are too high in the valve body and that is
why it seems to shift so hard.  Since fluid pressures are said to be
electronically controlled the transmission guy said that there must be a
problem with a sensor or some other electronic controller outside the
transmission.  He reffered me back to the local Audi dealership to have
it tested and gave me a hand written note.  "Please have transmission
check with VAG 1551 + 1598 for fault codes.  Pressures are too high in
unit 7."  Does anyone have any experience with this type of transmission
problem. Am I wasting my time throwing good money after bad?  Thanks in
advance for any helpful comments.