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Re: turbo coolant pump ('91 200Q)

Rob:  Go to your local auto parts store and by a mechanic's stethoscope 
(Lisle makes a nice one <$20.00 -can use for many other "noises") Put the 
scope on the pump body after you park(make sure nothing dangles near the 
500w main fan).  When the injector cooling fan comes on, the pump should 
come on as well (I'm assuming the '91 has an injector cooling fan-this 
works for sure in the pre-91 turbo cars).  

Keep an eye on the fuse, if it keeps blowing, you may have to replace the 
pump.  As a precautionary measure, allow the car to idle for a few 
minutes after you've run it hard, 30 seconds or so if you have been off 
boost.  This will give the turbo impeller a chance to slow down, and will 
help prevent coking the oil passages in the turbo.

HTH, Brian
(did you get the box??)