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Radar Jammers -- Rocky Mountain Radar

Greg, I regret to inform you that these devices have absolutely NO effect
on jamming radar or laser guns whatsoever.  
1), I got a ticket in Denver (ex home of Rocky Mountain Radar) doing 10
over the speed limit on I25 using one of their jammers, and the cop
explained carefully that he had no trouble getting a fix on me.  Period.
And guess what, when contacted about the ticket payment guarantee, the
company denied any responsiblity for my traffic transgression altogether.
Score one for public deception.
2) Further, after an exhaustive test program of this device (Phazer) by the
CSP (Colorado State Patrol) at a local drag racing track, covered by a
local TV station, they found that the device never ever reflected ANY
signal that could be construed to be any sort of diversion from the actual
speed of the vehicles used during the tests.  Nothing useful comes back
from the device that even remotely affects a normal radar speed gun at ANY
Now, Rocky Mountain Radar has very swiftly and effectivel closed all their
offices in the state of CO, moved out of state, and the Colorado Attorney
General's Office has several warrants out for their apparently fraudulent
behavior.  You can check with the above office to confirm this if you wish.
The whole thing is a marvelous hoax, period.
Coop, in Boulder CO