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part# turbo coolant pump thermoswitch?

Rob, in front of me is the parts ticket I got when I purchased a
replacement about May 2 for my '91 200 TQW because the dash gauge was no
longer funtional.
Part# 034-919-369-C-AFT seems to be what our local dealer looked up.  It is
a 3 terminal Behr switch replacing the obsolete 4 terminal model.
Actually, it is the second switch I got, as the first replacement had no
cold starting function, making for an interesting 1st 5 min of driving. NO
throttle response whatsoever.
If you plug in the switch before you install it, you can check for function
without the possiblity of having to drain the cooling system to replace it
should it prove defective.

Cost: $93 American.  So don't take the previous post for an 87 model switch