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Hot starting problem solution and self adjusting dash lights.

jb@access.digex.net writes,

"My 85 4000SQ has problems restarting when hot (sometimes)."

I asked this a couple of months ago, the symptoms are not quite what I had
but you might try it anyway. Whenever I have hot starting problems a bottle
of injector cleaner seems to solve the problem. I can tell when it needs
doing again when I stall on the roundabout on the slip road of the M25 / A30
junction nr Egham and it takes ten minutes for the car to cool down enough
to start again, you don't even want to ask how embarassing that is.
Apparrently and I have forgotten who told me this, sorry, the injectors
suffer from a build up of carbon / gunk and when the engine has been running
for a while these deposits swell with fuel so restricting flow enough,
especially on startup, to cause problems. If you haven't changed the cam
belt, why would the timing suddenly go AWOL? Or did you change the belt a
week ago and have been suffering since then? I don't know how to check this
but does it seem reasonable that the cold start valve or similar may be
faulty, causing curious fuelling problems, it doesn't sound like it is dodgy

Phil Payne writes,

"However - tinting the sides and rear without tinting the front is going to
the dash's **automatic brightness controls**, isn't it?"

How cool is that? I'll tell you how cool, it's enough to make me want to buy
a quattro coupe all on its own.


'85 80 sport.