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Four ringed exhaust, criminal bad taste or way cool man?

Dear List,

Initially thinking the former, I visited Ingo Rautenberg's web page and have
to say it looks a lot better than I expected. Good job I checked before
posting a very derogatory message stating that Americans simply haven't a
clue when it comes to matters of taste (!?).

Also (if anyone is not seeing red after that last comment!), having just
asked Mr. Haseltine the same thing, I will need to start buying my own set
of tools soon, as the virtually fully equipped garage facilities I enjoy at
the moment will disappear in September. I was wondering if anyone can
recommend a reasonably priced socket set / spanner set available in the UK?
I am not thinking Snap-On quality but would like to buy stuff that will last
well. I was thinking of around 100 quid for socket set spanners and maybe
some axle stands / ramps. I should also budget for a torque wrench but that
is probably going above 100 quid by now.

I have recently used a Teng set and that seemed to be alright as is the
usual Draper set I use. The Draper set has to be fairly good as it has stood
up to several generations of ritual abuse by students,

"Pass us a hammer will ya?"
"Will this do?" passing the ratchet driver,
"Yeah, thats fine" as student proceeds to smack wheel brace in vain attempt
to loosen siezed wheel nut.

Cheers again,