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A4 owner survey...

To all A4-owning listers-

As a college research project, I chose to do a brief owner survey. Beingin
the midst of seemingly hundreds of A4 owners on the list, this seemed a
good place to ask.

Concerning the car:
What was the final selling price? I'm assuming few of you bought a used
A4- that information would also be helpful, however...
Which engine/driveline combo?
Have you performed any performance/cosmetic mods of note?
What were some of the deciding factors influencing your choice of the
Audi? (quattro, styling, past exp, etc.)
Have you encountered any mech. trouble?
Stock question: Would you buy one again?

About the dealer experience:

How would you rate your initial service (up to, incl. purchase?)

How would you rate the service dept.?

Did you order your A4 or choose from stock?

Random considerations:

What other cars did you consider?
What other makes do you own (or other Audis?)
Any other remarks on the subject?

Thanks, everyone for your time. Email me direct should you choose to
respond... If all goes as planned, I may even post the tabulated results
in about 2 weeks.


1987 5kcst (and if I ever finish college, maybe an A4 someday ;)