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V8 5-spd conv. possible?

Saw a nice V8 today in Tucson, parked downtown. Pearl white, Indiana tags,
huge puddle of trans fluid underneath. Sorority sticker on the stern,
typical college decor inside (ever seen a v8 with a Deadhead sticker? I
have) Made me wince about when this one croaks, with the huge trans
rebuild bill impending. A thought- It's a Type 44, they did (rarely) come
with 5-speeds, what kind did they use? An 016 variant? Up against a $10k
rebuild, might it be a possibility to swap for a standard shift (far more
fun to drive, too)? 

Or completely impossible, like sticking a v8 in a 5k (nose too short?)
I just remember that when I ran a 74 BMW 3.0, the BW auto box croaked, and
when calling shops, they quoted a rebuilt AT for $1200 and a ZF 5spd
conversion for $1400. Recommended the latter. I went with a bargain $700
rebuild, it died six months later, sold the car, bought the 5000...