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Re: V8 5-spd conv. possible?

In a message dated 97-08-14 08:43:10 EDT, you write:

<<  like sticking a v8 in a 5k (nose too short?)
 I just remember that when I ran a 74 BMW 3.0, the BW auto box croaked, and
 when calling shops, they quoted a rebuilt AT for $1200 and a ZF 5spd
 conversion for $1400. Recommended the latter. I went with a bargain $700
 rebuild, it died six months later, sold the car, bought the 5000...
 Regards, >>

Not that it matters, but it's possible (with some....minor mods) to stick
that V8 into a 4000.  I've seen it done, there is one in North Carolina.  Not
sure what it entails, but man!  That's gotta be a rocketship.  He used the
stock tranny/drivetrain.

Carter J