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Wastegate operation with SK(R) and stiffer Orin wastegate

The car is finally on the road and I just did a quick run for a few 

Test 1 SK set for 14 psi max fairly steep uphill 4 lane section (20%? grade) 
full throttle 5th car accelerates strongly to about 200 kmh and holds.. as the 
peak boost is reached I can feel the power almost cutting out as if "that's it 
spaceship Q no further acceleration is allowed..." the speed holds but the 
acceleration stops.  
So is this the normal way the wastegate feels at higher boost? Or does my car  
need something fixed.
Test 2 SK set for 15-16 again the acceleration seems to almost stop. though if 
I ease into the last psig or so it seems to give a bit more.   DO I need to 
watch boost and feather the throttle into the top of the range.  Will this 
give greater acceleration or is the "wall" subjective only?  

Note on stiffer (red) diaphragm from Orin.  At lower boost it seems to build 
noticably quicker than with the stock diaphragm, but not half as well as when 
I had a cracked one. (Yeeha reduced to ooooK)  It did also seem to give about 
1 PSIG more with SK(R) adjustment.

86 5000 CD Quattro 307,000km +