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RE: Wastegate operation with SK(R) and stiffer Orin wastegate


Orin Eman wrote:>
Any signs of it knocking?  It could be the computer retarding the timing
that you are feeling.  Also, is the mixture set to below 50% duty cycle
at idle?  You could be running a little lean too.

BTW, my 5kCSQ feels similarly when accelerating at the moment.  Don't know
why, but my O2 meter seems to indicate it isn't the mixture.


The engine check light doesn't come on though it does sound like it knocks 
(rattles) a bit on initial boost then quiets down.  Also I have a new oxy 
sensor (from GPR) with less than 4000 km on it.  Could this effect be related 
to the full throttle switch?  Whats the best way to check if I'm running too 

PS Orin please send me your postal address so I can send you some funds for 
the diaphragm, since it worked for me!

86 5000 CD Quattro