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Where's the digest???

Could any fellow lister please e-mail me personally withm any reason or
ideas why I haven't gotten the digest since 7/28??  Were we victims of
that anti-spam campaign that wiped 60k messages from the uunet??  Are we
even on that net?  Could I be, maybe?
Great with my Audi, bad with computer and internet;
PS.  Oh, yeah, Audi content.
Brakes:  Where to buy and what is best in drilled rotors & pad sets . .
. Can oem rotors be drilled by good machine shop, is pattern avail? 
Calipers?  Best & where to buy steel lines . . .
ALSO, going to koni shox, best springs to get?  Konis ok with fact.
Time to do brakes & 120k, t-belt, seals, suspension upgrade on 87 4kcsq,
I was hoping I could use reg discs 7 have them drilled rather than get
$$$$$ pre-drilled ones . . . any BTDT's to my personal address please.