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V8 Stink'in Badges

In message <9707078709.AA870952341@CCGATE.HAC.COM> cwhelmke@ccgate.hac.com writes:

>           "The utter absence of a transom badge is one of the V8 Quattro's
>      distinctive styling cues, one that, for 1991, it shares with the 200
>      Quattro. In Europe, upscale car buyers routinely mark their order
>      forms for "no badges"; it's considered a sign of understated good
>      taste.

ROF,L.  Yup.

You sometimes also come across _HUGE_ Mercedes limousines with "200D" on
the back.  When I went to pick up my old Passat (with the Audi 2.3i
engine) the workshop had put "Passat Diesel" on it.

In older times, it was also a mark of someone who travelled frequently
in Eastern Europe.  The badges off Western cars were avidly and none too
carefully collected.

I have no badges on my ur-quattro.  "I didn't get the number, officer,
but it was an Audi quattro!"   No, thanks.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club