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Re: Hood cable on 4KCSQ

>My hood cable snapped yesterday right where the cable is connected to the
>hood release handle.

Mine did the same thing the night before my first track event of the season 
this year!  Bummer.

To open, you need access to at least a piece of the inner-cable wire that 
you can grab with vice-grips.  The outer part of the cable is held in place 
by the handle mount.  If you can grab the wire and pull, you're all set, as 
the hood will release.  If you can't access the inner wire, you're somewhat 
in trouble.  You must remove the handle mount, and stip away enough outer 
cable to get to the inner wire.  Pulling on the inner wire will only 
release the right side latch of your hood (bonnet).  The left side latch is 
released by the compression of the outer cable sheathing and the inner wire 
while the outer cable is held in place by the handle mount.  Replace the 
handle mount over the cable, and grap it with a pair of vice-grips.  
(Actually, you may be able to just re-install it, if you didn't remove much 
of the outer sheathing.  I wasn't so lucky.)  Push in on the handle-mount 
as far as possible and holding it in position, pull out on the inner wire.  
The hood will pop open if you're lucky, or after enough practice.  If you 
can't open it that way, you can get to release (barely) through the front 
headlight opening.

Hope that made sense.  Good luck.

Jack Rich