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Re: Scorpion pipes

On 4 Aug 1997, Neil Swanson wrote:

> Hoppen had said not to bother with an exhaust, the stock one is fine, you don't
> need anything else.  Alan figured that with the six (is he kidding?) mufflers in
> the stock system the Scorpion or anything with fewer must be better.  If nothing
> else the sound is worth it.

  There are only two mufflers.

  I noticed one thing when replacing the exhaust on my '92 S4, it sure is
*heavy*.  The rear piece, containing the two mufflers, must weigh 30 - 40 lbs.

  The other three pieces (downpipe, two pipes each with a cat) are no
lightweights, either.

  If nothing else, you shave some pounds!

  I saw the Leistritz stamp on the downpipe heatshield.  Do they make all
of Audi's OE exhausts (just curious)?

  One thing Scorpion cheated on were the tailpipes.  There are these two
nice, big pipes, a couple of inches in diameter.  When you look into them,
though, you see that that outlets from the muffler are a good bit smaller
than the tailpipes.  Maybe the outlets are smaller for sound tuning?

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