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Re: Why They Didn't Build the Avus (W engines exis

In a message dated 97-08-08 06:39:16 EDT, you write:

<<hasn't someone else designed a working W engine?  
 >>Anyone remember the Vector W8 Twin Turbo?
 >>wasn't it a true W config, I would assume because of the name, but if I
 >>recall the car was priced obnioxsiously high, like $350,000 USD.  I could
 >>mistaken about that.<<
 >it was a V8.
> W referred to jerry weigert, the guy who designed and built prototypes
 >that were going into production "next year" for a decade or so.
 >not sure if more than a handful were ever sold.<
Sorry about the mistake I went back to my "source", (should have done that
first), but found something else of interest.

The books is "Dream Cars", and on the page after the W8 there is a Zender
Fact 4,a "fully operation Prototype. . . that will never be a production car"
however, the car was based on the the Audi 32 valve 3.6l V8 like the one
found in my car.  However this was twin turbochared, and produced 448 bph.
This looked like an awesome car despite not having quattro unfortunate eh.  

2 things I wonder if a standard V8 could be turbochared like this, or would
it kill the trans.  I think this sould be the engine to power a real S8.
I was wrong about the W8, but my second point I'll defend  Having two
completly Different S4's will be confusing.

>> I wish Audi  would stick to 1 nameing system like Mercedes or BMW.  Just
my .02.<<

 >450SL, SL refers to the chassis
 300TD, TD refers to the engine<

No no no the T refers to the Wagon, the 300 the engine, and the D the fuel.
 A 300TE is a Petro powered wagon.  The difference between a 350 SDL and SEL
is the fuel.
 just think of all the MB's over the years with "300" in the model

> hmm...

I called up my local foreigh parts store/shop today great guy works mircals
on VW and Audi's at a reasonable price $25/ hour.  I asked if he had any 3
wire OXS sensor,  He had a Bosh Universall for $44.00 without the connecto,
and could get the other for 149.00.  Said the only difference was the
connector.  Figure I'll save a few bucks, and put the old connector back on.
 Sounds OK .
Any Problems with this if not no need to spend $100 for nothing.

P.M. Hall
'86 5000s
'87 944S
'90 V8Q