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Re: Why They Didn't Build

 -=> Quoting Dave Head <=-

 DH> At 05:32 PM 8/8/97 -0640, you wrote:
 > The numbers refer to the engine displacement in liters. A 300D 
 > displaces 3 liters, a 450SEL displaces 4.5 liters etc. (Doesn't
 > explain the 350 SL's and SLC's of 1973 vintage though,

 DH> Well, they made 3.8 V8s - maybe they made 3.5s too...

    Yeah, but the 3.8's were 380's, they did make a
    3.5 and it was a 350 (ie 350SE), but, the 350SL's
    and SLC's I mentioned were sold with 4.5L engines,
    then subsequently rebadged.  Strange.

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