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Steering Rack, 5ks/100

I'm in the midst of swapping steering racks in an 89 100...installing a
rebuilt one to replace the leaky original.  So far I've got the old one out,
got the new one in, things are looking good, it's all downhill from here, or
so I thought...  While reconnecting the banjo bolts at the steering gear I
realize the replacement rack has a slightly different mating surface where
the banjo bolt connects.  These banjo bolts seal with O-rings, but the
rebuilt rack is designed for banjo bolts that use aluminum washers and have
a smaller mating surface.  Aaaarrgghhh!  What can I do?  Is there any way to
get a good seal between at the new rack with the O-rings?  If not, I'm
afraid I'll have to take the new rack out and re-install the leaking one
until I can get organized to either rebuild it or figure out what else to do.

I looked carefully at my 87 5KS and it appears to have the O-ring type banjo
bolts too.

A little history of how I got in this situation is that I was cruising the
local boneyard recently and found an 84 (or 85) 5ks with a hydraulic system
that was mostly rebuilt...rack and pump both with ZF factory rebuilt tags on
them, plus a new high pressure hose.  I got the pump, rack, hose, and bomb
for $35, with the added  bonus that, since I pulled the parts myself, I got
to practice on a car where I didn't have to worry about breaking something.
I got the entire hydraulic system except for a couple of the bolts and one
hose.  Otherwise I suppose I could completely swap everything into the 89
100 and the problem would be solved.  I'm afraid there would still be
problems though with attaching to the mastercylinder or elsewhere.  My
preference would really be to find a way to ensure a good seal between the
hose and rack with the O-ring type banjo bolt.  Maybe a fatter O-ring, or a
combination of the O-ring and a washer would work.  Is this a lost cause?

I like the idea of rebuilding the original rack, but since I've never done
it before I'd want the luxury of doing it at my leisure, and not have the
car torn apart while doing it.  

I'd be real grateful for a solution to this one where I don't have to take
that rack back out.  It was no picnic getting to this stage.  Ahhhh, but
look at all the valuable experience I'm getting, not to mention lots of fun.

Dave C.