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No Start - 89 100

This is an 89 100 with automatic trans.
The starter won't turn, and doesn't seem to be getting any power from the
ignition switch.  The starter checks out OK.  When I run jumper cables
directly from the battery to the starter it works and the car runs fine.  I
replaced the electrical part of the ignition switch and it started once,
but no more.  Prior to this, during the previous month there were a couple
of times where the car wouldn't start (no response from starter) but after
waiting a while it would work.  So it seems like it began as an
intermittent problem.  
My latest idea is to check the switch at the brake pedal which locks out
the starter (I think).
There are two switches and I think one is for backup lights and the other
for the starter.  The car won't start unless your foot is on the brake
Does this switch sound like it's my problem?  I don't believe it's even
shown in Bentley.
Anybody got any ideas what else I might check?

What's the best way to learn more about electrical troubleshooting.  At the
moment, owning three older Audi's, I surely feel like I'm learning the hard

Dave C.

David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS,  '89 100E, both w/ Boge TG
'86 4KCSQ w/Koni's & freeflowin' exhaust...Yeee Haaa!