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Re: Why They Didn't Build the Avus (W engines exis

>The 540I has a 4 liter v8, as does the 740.

Nah. That would be too logical and consistant. It's 4.4 liters.

>The 750 had a 5 liter v12, although it's 5.4 now right?

5.4 and 5.6? At least it was for the 850i and 850CSi.

>If you think about and follow history, BMW is most likely the
>most consistant, logical naming company.

What's 2002? 1600? 318?

BMW is no more logical than other companies using numerical monikers.
Sometimes they follow the rules, other times not. As for Audi, the numbers
loosely follows the platform. But it has peculiarty as well. What's the
difference between an 80 and a 90? It's as logical as the 318, which has
1.9 liter engine.

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