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85 UrQ.
I'm currently looking to replace my faulty turbo rather than recondition 
my existing because now i can upgrade for a litle extra cost. I need 
advise on which turbo i should go for and where i can get it.
I have the oppertunity to go to Bohn in Germany in a couple of weeks and 
i want Know if i can take advantage of this trip and acuire a good turbo 
at less cost in Germany?

I would also like to know if there are any good quattro specialists that 
i can visit to get some upgrade/tuning parts bearing in mind my car has 
done 130,000 miles and is begining to show signs of wear.

I recently saw a demonstaration of the Xtralube ZX1 engine friction 
reducing addative, i was impressed with the product and it obviously 
works but i would like to know if it is suitable for my car? I already 
use Castrol's SLX oil and would like to protect my engine further.

thats all for now.