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SV: Ur-Quattro


I don't know the Xtralube but if it's a teflon product you should be careful.
Before using any additive , I'd advise you to read the following info 

about teflon additives:

and about oil:

and maybe follow some of the links. (e.g. http://www.vtr.org/maintain/oil-synthetics.html )

>From all the information you'd have to form your own opinion; but i think it's worth noticing that DuPont (the inventor of teflon (PFTE) ) have stated: (quote from snakeoil-article)  "Teflon is not useful as an ingredient in oil additives or oils used for internal combustion engines."

I have used PFTE additives on former cars; and allthough they seemed to perform better the first 6 months, it seemes, now looking back at it, as if performance deteriorated (rapidly ?) below the initial point.

For my car I'd never use an additive again. Synthetic oil seemes be the best lubricant available today.

 - just my 2c..

BTW is it true that you can't buy Mobil1 5w-50 in the states ?

'87 200 TQ Avant :-)

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Emne: 	Ur-Quattro 

85 UrQ.
I'm currently looking to replace my faulty turbo rather than recondition 
my existing because now i can upgrade for a litle extra cost. I need 
advise on which turbo i should go for and where i can get it.
I have the oppertunity to go to Bohn in Germany in a couple of weeks and 
i want Know if i can take advantage of this trip and acuire a good turbo 
at less cost in Germany?

I would also like to know if there are any good quattro specialists that 
i can visit to get some upgrade/tuning parts bearing in mind my car has 
done 130,000 miles and is begining to show signs of wear.

I recently saw a demonstaration of the Xtralube ZX1 engine friction 
reducing addative, i was impressed with the product and it obviously 
works but i would like to know if it is suitable for my car? I already 
use Castrol's SLX oil and would like to protect my engine further.

thats all for now.