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RE: Wire is directional????


Right back at 'ya!!

Wires absolutely couldn't care less which way electricity flows through
them. If they did, we wouldn't have AC current in our homes - DC would be
far more efficient, because we wouldn't be fighting the (non-existent)
"bias" against the electricity flowing the "wrong" way half the time.

When you're talking about a simple sine wave, no, there will be no difference. 
 But an audio signal is very complex and introduces many variables that need 
to be addressed to avoid degrading the signal.  One of those variables is the 
manufacturing of the wire.  All wire has a grain.  Standard high purity copper 
has about 1500 grains per foot.  Every time the signal crosses one of these 
grains, a small circut is created, complete with all the problems inherent in 
a circut.  Frequency dependant phase shift, and signal modulation, and 
variations in amplitude.  One cable manufacture draws their own wire for their 
cables.  Their top gade copper and silver are, "very slowly cast as an almost 
perfect single crystal small diameter rod.  This near perfect rod is then 
carefully drawn to maximize grain length.  For the strand sized used in most 
audio cables, a single grain is over 700 feet long."  It makes a difference in 

The same manufacturer mentioned above has a really great demo to prove how 
much of a difference cables make.  They take an ordinary, $250 boom box (those 
of you who have heard of this demo before now know who I'm talking about), and 
demo each of their speaker cables, playing the same cut of music each time and 
changing nothing but the cables.  The difference is readily audible all the 
way up to their $100/foot silver cable, on a cheep boom box!  It makes a HUGE 

Bob, I am a total believer in audio cables, and yes my system is all tubed.  I 
DO NOT believe in snake oil tweaks like Mpingo discs (the same wood needed to 
make the instruments that make the music) and making sure the pile on the 
carpet in front of my speakers is oriented properly for best sound!!

There are many more variables, but I've wasted too much B/W already.