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Wire is directional????

>Date: Fri, 8 Aug 97 06:17:43 UT
>(Answer to:) From: "Sue and Pete Dieckerhoff" 
>Subject: RE: RCA cable question

>......, but also because all wire is 
>inherently directional.  Its a function of the manufacturing process.  


Bzzzzzzzt!! Someone has been feeding you from the same trough as alligators
in the sewers and the new Corvette for $300 because someone died in it and
the thousands of Army Surplus Harleys for $50 each (cash in advance, please).

Wires absolutely couldn't care less which way electricity flows through
them. If they did, we wouldn't have AC current in our homes - DC would be
far more efficient, because we wouldn't be fighting the (non-existent)
"bias" against the electricity flowing the "wrong" way half the time.

Many electrical components are directional: Diodes, transistors, etc., and
some wiring assemblies are (audio cables with one end of the braid grounded
for shielding purposes), and while it does matter WHICH end is grounded, it
ISN'T because the electricity flows better one way than the other.

Reminds me of the BS tale I deliberately told someone once about AC wires
vs. DC wires and that's why your motorcycle doesn't run. See, the insulation
on DC wires is sort of like fish scales, and if you put the wire in
backwards, the electricty leaks out between the scales and nothing comes out
the other end of the wire . . . now go away and leave me alone until you've
rewired your bike with the correct DC wires! (and don't come back).

I've been working with electricity and electronics in one form or another
for almost 40 years, and rest assured, if you treat it with less respect
than it deserves, it can kill you equally (and totally) dead either coming
or going!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman