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83 ur-q for sale, San Jose CA

I am posting this for someone whose car caught my attention in my recent
quest for a new q. I have no interest other than to help see this car find a
good home. The man's name is Steve and his # is 408 975-3533. The car is a
1983 ur-q with ~80k miles, Gobe (sp?) with tan (I think), IA Stage I mod. I
have not seen this car first hand...Steve tells me it replaced a 4kq and he
paid 15k for it with 50k miles just a few years back. The car *was*
cosmetically perfect but was recently "keyed" on every panel. Aside from that
the cars sounds like it might be real nice. The asking price when I inquired
was $8500.00 but he now is asking $6500.00. Sounds like a damm good deal for
someone...and like I said, I have no interest and ymmv ;-)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (Nautic Blue, and I love it more each day!)
85 4ksq (looking for a new loving owner to pay some attention to it!)